Moving to New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand was one of the most crazy things I have ever done. Aside from the many months I’ve traveled alone in Europe and the time I spent in Ventura for photography school, this was the first time I haven’t lived at home. For the past year, I’ve spent most of my time traveling. I photographed all around the world and explored my passion for street art. I haven’t published any of it for anyone else to see yet.

Have you ever moved before? I have moved several times during my life but not like this. This was easily the most stressful but rewarding experience. It took me months to sell things and pack my bags. Moving my life was one thing but moving my business was a whole other task. I wasn’t just moving down the street or a few hours away but I was leaving my friends and family in another country. I reflected a lot on the things I was excited about and the things that I would miss about “home”. I feel like that really helped me during the waiting period!

Now that I am here, it kind of feels surreal! This place is GORGEOUS! Have you ever been to New Zealand? Do you live here? If you do then you know what I am talking about! My favorite things to do so far are go on dates with my fiance, see my in-laws, cook elaborate meals, go to breweries and wineries, go on road trips, and try new restaurants! Things that I’d recommend people do here while visiting is go to Rotorua (and do all the fun things), take a road trip and go camping, go to as many wineries and breweries as possible, find a waterfall and go for a swim, go hiking as many times as you can, and lose your cell phone reception and wifi for a few days just to enjoy the simplicity of nature.

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